Diversity in Vogue
We are all disabled because we are Not Perfect !.


      Phi Inclusive & Genderless Fashion: the fashion that educates. We work to value women, defend women rights and  inspiring women to be  unique and rediscover her uniqueness. We use fashion, image, communication to speak to the hearts of the people. Launching a campaign of inspiration and support for  Women: Mother, Wife, Sisters, Aunts, Friends, to Never Give Up, inspire strength and determination, believe in themselves, bring out their ability and tenacity and give the maximum..                                                            Phi Unisex Fashion to bring out the outer and inner beauty. the beauty of the mind and soul in balance that are reflected on the person, happiness and mood. The right fashion for women and men who do not want to be approved. New Femininity, Masculinity and Gender Neutral

We create social communication and awareness campaigns within the fashion industry and beyond for celebrating inclusivity & to promote values  and meet the needs of young people, because each generation needs its own codes in which to recognize itself.                                                                                                    Phi Unisex Fashion: The First Italian Diversity & Ethical Fashion Brands New Femininity, Masculinity and Gender Neutral. New aesthetic connotation, fashion from a communicative point of view and much more, celebrating inclusion, strength, dignity, independence, courage, assertiveness, unrepeatable uniqueness, etc. Fashion for overall human development, power values, respect for gender and human capital the good, for us (and for others). Our mission as a BRAND  is to bring change and awareness to the SOCIAL and CIVIL RIGHTS issues

Our vision is to enhance the diversity and uniqueness of each one of us. A community that celebrates human beings in all their forms. 

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